Staff and their Curriculum Responsibilities

"I love working at this school.  They are like my family!" Staff

Our dedicated team of staff at Morley Victoria are truly wonderful! Each and every single person works tirelessly to ensure that the children receive the best possible education and that they leave our school well equipped with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities that they will need to move forward and be successful in their future. Everyone shares in the strong school ethos and works together to ensure that our school is highly successful.

It is a testament to the school that so many of our staff are 'long standing'. Some staff have been at our school for almost 30 years! Nobody leaves Morley Victoria lightly - often for promotion or due to changes in personal circumstances and when they do, there is still a sense of 'belonging to the Morley Victoria Family'. Apparently, leaving Morley Victoria feels like leaving home!

Our staff enjoy coming to school because of the strong relationships that exists at all levels. Because the staff are emotionally intelligent, want to develop and improve their own knowledge and skills and work hard - this instills a sense of something similar in the children - they are excellent role models.

Below is a list of staff members and their responsibilities (please note that this is subject to change within the school year). 

Please click on the following link to view the most recent dataset showing staff time allocated to trade union activities - CLICK HERE