"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." Alexander Graham Bell

Our curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs of the children at Morley Victoria.  We plan in a cross curricular nature as much as possible to deliver a curriculum beyond that of the national curriculum.  Each topic is carefully placed in each year group and there is a strong rationale as to why it is taught in that particular year group - this has been discussed with the senior leadership team and curriculum leaders.  The topics are then built upon year on year so that the children have clear progression in their learning.  We are also acutely aware of the topics that are taught before and after each year group so that we can make links to prior and upcoming learning which means the children lay key concepts down into their long term memory.  

Please see below a sample long term plan for each year group.  The EYFS long term planning can be found in the EYFS section of the website.  We have developed a long term plan for the children so that they are aware of what they will learn in different year groups.  These long term plans have also been sent home so that parents know what their children will be studying and when.  This can also be found below.  As we have stated all long term plans are reviewed regularly and are subject to changes within the year as we are responsive to the needs of the children and what may happen within a given year.

*For long term plans for Nursery and Reception please see the EYFS section of the website.  For Maths and English long term plans see the subject sections of the website*