At Morley Victoria we are always seeking ways to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities both in and outside of the school day. We feel that this broadens our pupils’ cultural capital and builds their character education.  We plan a wide range of activities so that we appeal to all learners.  We provide extra-curricular activities after school too and are always looking at expanding what is on offer for our children outside of the school day.  We often have a sports club every night after school and have been running arts clubs too in both KS1 and KS2, run by professional art teachers!  As a school we also consciously spot children’s talents and signpost them to clubs outside of school to nurture and grow their knowledge and skills.

Below is a snapshot of clubs that we have run in school over the last few years, many of which link to our school curriculum. Clubs are planned with the children and their interests each year and generally run for a 6 week period at a suitable time of year.