Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

At Morley Victoria Primary School we are committed to ensuring our children are happy and feel safe when they come to school. Supporting staff in this mission are our Anti-Bulling Ambassadors.

Morley Victoria's Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are children who have put themselves forward as role models for friendly and safe behaviour, in and around school. Two children from each class in year 4, 5 and 6 have been voted in by their peers. 

Having had training from The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign, our ambassadors are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where all pupils all feel happy, supported and safe. Having the ambassadors provides our pupils with another person, in the learning environment, that is trustworthy and can make them feel comfortable and happy at school. They have even written their own version of the Anti-Bullying Policy which they feel strongly about and that they have shared with the whole school.

Over the next year, the role of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will include:
  • Providing training to younger children in school and recruiting further Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • Meeting regularly to nominate class members for ‘Friendship Awards’
  • Carrying out surveys (which we create as a team), across the school, to get a range of ‘Pupil Voice’ about individual knowledge on bullying and also current feelings towards school
  • Leading Anti-Bullying Assemblies
  • Running lunch activities
  • Writing a Top Tips Guide
  • Wearing badges in school so children can find them when they need them
  • Planning whole school activities to promote good, friendly behaviour
  • Promoting friendly behaviour and kindness
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