Residential Visits

"I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of my child whilst you were away on residential - they had the most wonderful time." - Morley Victoria Parent

"As a Governing Body we are so very grateful to the staff who give up their time freely and willingly to take the children on residential visits. We feel that they are such an important part of the curriculum." - School Governor

At Morley Victoria we pride ourselves on being able to offer two great residential visits.

Year 5 - Cober Hill

In Year 5 the children spend three days and two nights away with their class. They stay in a hotel called Cober Hill which is situated between Whitby and Scarborough. Whilst away, the children visit Goathland, Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay and do lots of activities in and around the grounds of Cober Hill. 

We have run this visit for over 20 years because there are many links to the curriculum and it is also a brilliant experience to help children with their personal development and to build self confidence - for some this is their first stay away from home or family. 

Cober Hill is a hotel where there are many guests. We expect the children to move around the hotel and grounds politely and courteously so that we do not disturb others. We  share the restaurant and the grounds with the other guests so we have often had comments about how well the children have conducted themselves and how polite and well behaved they are - this makes us very proud.

The children share a room with a friend on this visit. They are expected to co-operate with one another, to help and support one another and to be where they need to be on time and with all of the equipment they need for the day. Teamwork at its best and a Growth Mindset really helps too!

This visit includes a trip to Goathland - a tiny village in the North Yorkshire Moors. Here, the children can learn about a contrasting locality as part of their Geography work. We pay a visit to the village school where the children learn what life is like in a small village where there is no easy access to cinemas, skate parks, trampoline parks or shopping centres. We also like to visit the train station, as fans of Harry Potter it's brilliant to see where some of the filming took place - as you will know by now - we love reading!

The children also visit the beautiful seaside town of Whitby. This is a perfect location for the children to consolidate their learning about rivers and coasts as Whitby is where the River Esk estuary meets the North Sea. They also learn about tides, linked to phases of the moon in one of their Science topics. Tourism is also a big learning point in Whitby as the children visit some of the famous places and learn about the famous residents from the past: Captain Cook, The Lucky Duck Shop, whaling and St Mary's Church...after they have climbed the 199 steps of course - which they often have to do twice if they started counting on the wrong foot! The children also pay a visit to the Life Boat Station to learn about the amazing work of the RNLI.

The day that the children spend in Robin Hood's Bay is equally as exciting. This beautiful little village is nestled into the coastline and here the children learn about coastal erosion and the measures that are in place to prevent further erosion; they really enjoy a fossil hunt linking to the science topic of rocks; they also like to make sand sculptures with the natural materials that they find on the beach  - this is another opportunity to show off their artistic talents. We do a village trail, following a map and discuss many different things en-route. We love to act like smugglers in the tiny streets and alleyways. Finally, we visit The Old Coastguard Station where trained National Trust Visitor Centre staff take us down onto the rock pools so that we can search for living creatures that we don't find in Morley.

A countryside walk takes us along the old railway line that used to run between Whitby and Scarborough - if the weather is fine we walk down to the Hayburk Wyke Cove - physical activity at its best! We also take the children on a walk down Salt Pans Road away from the hotel, towards the sea once it gets dark. We take the opportunity to listen to how quiet it is, to see how dark it is, but try and spot the lights coming out of Scarborough in the distance. If we are lucky enough for the night to be clear, we look for constellations and talk again about the moon. There is also time for a short, outdoor story before bed under torch and moonlight.

When we ask the children about their highlights of their time at Morley Victoria - Cober Hill is always a firm favourite!

"I had the best time at Cober Hill - it was just amazing!" - Year 5 Pupil

"It is always such a pleasure to accompany the children on the trip to Cober Hill - it is such a brilliant experience for everyone involved." - Morley Victoria Support Staff


Year 6 - Ingleborough Hall

The last residential takes place in Year 6 and is a very special one - we always go in June when the weather is more kind and involves the whole year group going away for the whole weekend together! We have been going to Ingleborough Hall for over 20 years because this wonderful place offers us something truly unique - sole use of the magnificent house and grounds where we can spend quality time; have fun together and to celebrate all of the great times that the children have had during their time at Morley Victoria.

This visit offers opportunities for personal development and maturity as well as being physically challenging and enhances the curriculum in many ways too. Here, the children share dormitories with more friends and the challenge is always to go home with your own clothes, not those of your friends!

The visit starts with a trip to the White Scar Caves at the foot of Ingleborough. The children learn about rock formations and once they have finished, know a lot about limestone and how caves (and their fascinating features) were formed. 

Over the course of the weekend the children take part in four exciting and challenging outdoor and adventurous activities:

1) Gorge Scrambling - the children get 'geared up' to go and walk up the gorge - sometimes it is wet, sometimes it's dry...both lots of fun! Here, as long as conditions are safe, the children experience rock climbing and scrambling - brilliant fun! The instructors often talk to the children about how the gorges are formed and about the flora, fauna and wildlife that can be spotted nearby.

2) Caving - again the children get 'geared up' and set out in the minibus to park under the Ribblehead Viaduct - a conversation about Victorian engineering in its own right! We also discuss the three Yorkshire Peaks and the various activities that are associated with these famous landmarks. The children then venture through a series of surface caves with their twists, turns and optional crawls. This is a true test of the Growth Mindset, determination and resilience and is often the biggest achievement for so many children. When inside the cave we look at fossils and discuss what animals can be found in caves.

3) Walking to the Norber Erratics - is a reasonably long walk (sometimes the furthest the children have ever walked) where we discuss wildlife, animals and what life is like in the countryside. When we reach the erratics we discuss this strange geographical feature, left behind by the last Ice Age.

4) The Village Trail - we take the children for a walk around Clapham Village and make comparisons to Morley and to the coastal villages that they visited in Year 5. We discuss 'The Witch of Clapham' and Alan Bennett - the famous playwriter who has a house in the village.

On an evening we take the opportunity to spend time together playing in the grounds, having a BBQ, going on the little park and on the trim-trail and also doing some Orienteering and Geocaching. 

This is a very special time for the children and the staff to spend together before they move up to their new schools.

We firmly believe that both residentials give the children such wonderful experiences and memories they will treasure forever.

"We love having MV children at Ingleborough Hall, they are great company!"  Ingleborough Hall Staff

Ingleborough was just the best trip ever. I never thought I could do caving - but I can...I was so scared!" - Morley Victoria Pupil

"The Ingleborough Hall weekend is a highlight for both the children and the staff, we all have such a great time and create so many happy memories!" - Morley Victoria Staff


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