In Key Stage Two, we continue to track reading closely and for some children the individual reading continues to ensure that progress is made. Running Records continue to the end of Blue Band so that we can track the children’s skills and identify gaps. After this we continue to encourage the children to choose books to read for pleasure but ensure that their reading material will continue to strengthen their vocabulary and challenge their thinking.

Whole Class Reading was new in 2019 for us at Morley Victoria. This starts in Year 2 then this goes across Key Stage Two (with Year 1 dipping in and out as appropriate). This model allows the children to access a text that is age appropriate but at a level beyond what they would possibly read to themselves. The children take part in fluency lessons which focus on pace and content. They do ‘Vocab Busts’ within these lessons as well – helping the children to develop a broad and ambitious vocabulary. The children are then taught specific reading skills which we call ‘The Magnificent Seven’. These skills are taught explicitly and through the text so that the context is apparent. Our aim is that the children will be able to identify within a question, what skill is required in order to find the answer. The children will be expected to be able to respond to the full range of question types in both verbal and written formats. Feedback from the children and the staff is immensely positive.