Transition to High School

"When I started High School I felt prepared because of all of the lessons we had together at Morley Victoria." Past Pupil

"I managed the homework and lessons really well." Past Pupil

Morley Victoria gave me the right attitude towards learning and getting along with others." Past Pupil

"Bruntcliffe Academy have been working closely with Morley Victoria to support with the transition of students from their primary school to our secondary school. Through a carefully structured and well planned transition programme, we have been able to provide students with 'Bruntcliffe friendly' lessons that allows the students to gain an insight into what we can offer and to alleviate any anxieties. We have been thrilled with the work we have received back from Morley Victoria students and are excited for them to join us in September." 

The transition from primary school to high school is a huge one for children and for parents. In fact, the parents often worry about this more than the children! As preference forms are due in at the end of October, at the Curriculum Evening we encourage all families to go and visit all of the local high schools to see what they have on offer so they can weigh up the pros and cons of each. Whilst we cannot offer advice on which school we would recommend, we do advise parents to look at the school websites and to read the latest OFSTED inspection reports and look at the results at GCSE and A Level. We also say that a school often has a certain ‘feel’ to it and that this is an important factor to consider.

One of the main aims in the Year 5 and 6 Team is to prepare our children for the next step in their education. This begins in Year 5 with initiatives such as planners and the opportunity to earn house points but the majority of the transition work is done in Year 6.

We have a comprehensive transition programme planned which is improved year on year. Morley Academy provide most of the activities as it is the school the majority of our children move on to. Some children move on to Bruntcliffe High School and others to Woodkirk Academy. The transition programme generally starts in November and runs for the rest of the year. The activities the children take part in give them a ‘taster’ of what they have to look forward to. It also gives the children chance to get to learn about high school classrooms, the teachers and their expectations.

It is very important to us that we send our children off to high school with the required academic skills and the ability to be emotionally and socially ready for the next step of their education. We feel that when our children leave us they have a great ‘CV’ of activities and opportunities they have had from their time with us.

When our children come back and see us they do tell us (as well as their parents) how well they were prepared and how easy the transition was because of the things we have in place in Year 6.  It is always wonderful to see and hear that our former pupils are being very successful and growing up to be confident individuals.


Previous Year 6 Transition Activities:

  • Dance workshop
  • Drama workshop
  • Music lessons
  • Cooking
  • Design Technology activities
  • Science sessions
  • Art lessons
  • English lessons
  • Maths lessons
  • An invitation to see high school performances – plays, music and languages.
  • Extra sessions to help targeted pupils with organisation.
  • Extra sessions to help targeted pupils with confidence.
  • Extra sessions to help targeted pupils with behaviour for learning.