Morley Cluster Video

Morley Victoria is a very special place where all children are nurtured so that they perform to the very best of their abilities regardless of their home circumstances or individual needs.  We place a huge emphasis on the social and emotional development of our young people and have a very emotionally intelligent team of staff who bring out the very best in the children in our care.  Being individual and unique is something we value and nurture.

We are structured differently to many schools and spend considerable time and a good proportion of our budget on the development of the whole child.  Employed to work alongside the teaching staff, (including Teaching assistants, SEN assistants and HLTAs) we have an Inclusion Team who support the work in the classroom and help children and families to be ready for their learning experiences. 

Our Inclusion Team

Mr P Rushfirth - Emotional Health and Wellbeing Manager (DSL)

Miss J Northfield – Attendance and Safeguarding Manager (DSL)

Mr Shabbir - Behaviour Mentor

Mrs M Ashlee – Assistant SENCo

Mrs J Wood – SENCo and Headteacher (DSL)

Mr K Precious - Assistant Headteacher (DSL)

Mrs D Smith - Assistant Headteacher (DSL)

Miss Mapplebeck, Mr Stott and Mrs Bentley - Key Stage Managers

As a team we meet fortnightly to discuss the children in our school, we talk about what provision we have in place for our most vulnerable children and how any interventions are working to maintain maximum impact.  The team generally work with children who fall into our wave two and wave three areas of provision – for most children, good quality first teaching is enough for them to be successful and thrive.  For some children they need a different approach on top of wave one quality first teaching. We then meet weekly with our Senior Leadership Team to discuss the work of the Inclusion Team and link their work with academic achievement – see the structure of our team in the blue box on the left hand side.

Our team are there to support children and families who are going through difficult times, they work with children and families in many different ways and sometimes we seek help from The Morley Cluster to gain further help outside of school provision. Please see the special video about the Morley Cluster on the left hand side.

Some members of the Inclusion Team are also responsible for safeguarding and child protection. This team have daily discussions to support one another and to benefit the children. They also hold regular meetings to discuss the finer details of child protection plans and what provision we have in place at school. This team has regular contact with social workers and other professional agencies. All of the DSLs have an overview of all child protection cases in school. This team work together to undertake safeguarding supervision where moral and professional support is offered and advice given.

We believe that this team of people is pivotal to the success of many children at Morley Victoria. The investment of time in emotional health and wellbeing in children and in those who need additional learning support, is something which can and will have a positive effect on them for the rest of their lives.