At Morley Victoria we have a Growth Mindset approach to teaching and learning.  We believe that intelligence is not fixed and that you can make significant improvements from your start point with the right mindset, the right attitude, effort and determination.  We believe that there should not be a glass ceiling on ambition and that we should nurture a child’s aspirations. 

We aim to enable our children to rise to challenges, have a positive attitude to being challenged and have many strategies to help them when they are so.  We want them to see the power of making mistakes and believe in the power of ‘yet’, we always say “We can’t do that yet!”

A Growth Mindset expert, Vicky Crane, helped and supported the school - training all of the staff and helping us to shape our approach to Growth Mindset which is now embedded in our classroom routines.  A Growth Mindset approach to a pupil's academic life will help them greatly but this approach to their lives outside school will benefit them too.

In school we now love a challenge and when we find something difficult we think about our Growth Mindset characters that each class designed:

Mr and Mrs Grow

Effort Egg

Courage Cats

Resilient Roo

Determination Snail

Focus Locust

Independent Owl

Perseverance Penguin

We liken every challenge to climbing the MV mountain and sometimes you may need a little help to get to the top!  In the classroom when we get stuck we also use the 5 B’s – our brain, buddy, bits and bobs, the board or the boss.  We also recognise that if we get something wrong we have not failed it is just our ‘First Attempt In Learning!’

We have also completed a holiday learning log homework entitled ‘My Amazing Brain’.  We have followed this up in school by learning about the brain and how this links to learning.  By making small changes we can increase the learning that takes place.

We are working on metacognition and this links nicely to the work we have embedded in school about Growth Mindsets.

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