'Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into a reality.' Warren Bennis

'What you do has far greater impact that what you say' Stephen Covey

At Morley Victoria we are very proud of our bespoke, knowledge rich progressive curriculum.  For this curriculum to be so successful we have to have dedicated and passionate staff to lead and drive each subject forward within the school.

The role of the Subject Leader within school is essential and one which requires true leadership qualities.  We coach and mentor each leader to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to carry out their role effectively in school therefore having a direct impact on the outcomes of the young people we have at our school.

We whole heartedly support the professional development of our leaders and encourage them to access courses, talk about their subject to others and develop relationships with other leaders in the Primary Partnership and across the city. Subject leaders dedicate time to share their approaches all stakeholders: staff, children, parents and governors.

"Subject leaders at Morley Victoria are experts in their field, they help and support those around them to ensure their subject is taught to a very high level." SLT at MV

"Subject Leaders are so knowledgeable."  MV Governor