'Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into a reality.' Warren Bennis

'What you do has far greater impact that what you say' Stephen Covey

At Morley Victoria we are very proud of our bespoke, knowledge rich progressive curriculum.  For this curriculum to be so successful we have to have dedicated and passionate staff to lead and drive each subject forward within the school.

The role of the Subject Leader within school is essential and one which requires true leadership qualities.  We coach and mentor each leader to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to carry out their role effectively in school therefore having a direct impact on the outcomes of the young people we have at our school.  The subject leaders work closely with class teachers to plan units of work - in doing this we ensure precision, sequencing, progression and consistency across school is maintained.  They also ensure their subject is clearly visible across school.

We whole heartedly support the professional development of our leaders and encourage them to access courses, talk about their subject to others and develop relationships with other leaders in the Primary Partnership and across the city. Subject leaders dedicate time to share their approaches all stakeholders: staff, children, parents and governors.

"Subject leaders at Morley Victoria are experts in their field, they help and support those around them to ensure their subject is taught to a very high level." SLT at MV

"Subject Leaders are so knowledgeable."  MV Governor

Here is what our Subject Leaders say:

"Working in the early years is so rewarding as you get to see the youngest children in school make such amazing progress."

"I have been passionate about history since I was at primary school and this love of learning about the past carried on to my time at university where I studied history up to degree level. I am proud to be the history subject lead at Morley Victoria and hope that my enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding for the subject inspires both children and staff. I am excited to see where the next phase of our action plan takes us!"

“As P.E subject leader I love giving the children the opportunity to take part in a lesson that is physically active and outside of the classroom. It is always good to see how highly the children rate P.E in questionnaires because this shows their love for the P.E we are delivering too. It is great taking the children to a wide variety of sporting events outside of school where they get to represent Morley Victoria, which they are always really proud to do. It’s great watching them achieve individually or as a team.“

"I am privileged to lead French at Morley Victoria - it is a subject that can evoke awe and wonder for all children and open up their curiosity to the wider world around them. It has helped me develop my own language learning and I have genuinely enjoyed creating a new curriculum from scratch using some amazing online resources and through collaboration with other language leaders. I hope the children gain an understanding of how important and special it is to be able to speak another language...and keep it up for the rest of their lives!"

"Maths creates opportunities for children to experience success on a daily basis. We love to see our children persevere when overcoming problems or learning new content in maths. Our maths curriculum gives our children the resilience and knowledge which they can apply in other areas. Our children love maths at Morley Victoria!"

"Ensuring the children at Morley Victoria are happy, healthy and safe is something I am incredibly passionate about. Leading PSHE allows me to be a part of nurturing  the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of our pupils through a providing a quality curriculum enriched by opportunities and experiences designed to give children the tools they need to thrive both now and in their futures."

"I absolutely love being the lead for climate change at Morley Victoria. It is an area that I am passionate about and something that I feel all people should learn about and understand in order to change their actions and improve the Earth's environment. Children are inquisitive beings, who naturally care for the environment as they understand the role it plays in their future. The empowerment children get from learning about climate change is a wonderful sight to see; they can apply their knowledge straight into their communities!"

"Walking into the computing suite during a computing lesson is a wonderful experience that showcases the extent our children enjoy and thrive during these lessons. I feel immensely proud with how our children problem solve using their computational thinking skills in all aspects of lessons and love the coaching that goes on between the children as they work together, helping each other. From word processing to coding, using iPads to Beebots our children love the hands on learning involved and using different pieces of technology."

"I have felt incredible supported by the previous science lead and SLT when taking over the leading of Science at Morley Victoria. I have attended a Noctua Workshop once a term which provided a great platform to discuss ideas and share resources. I have also attended the Primary Science Development Network at Leeds Trinity University every term which has consolidated my understanding of leading my subject and provided current information about leading science in a primary school. 

“Taking a different approach to our sketch books in KS1 and KS2 whereby we allow the children complete freedom to decide how they would like to explore the subject matter and present their artistic skills is beginning to have a real impact on many levels. Children know that teachers do not mark these books in anyway and that they are truly theirs.”

“Children overwhelming choose DT as one of their favourite subjects, especially cooking where they learn skills that will stay with them for life. They love the more practical nature of DT lessons and enjoy the experience of being submersed in a subject for a few days at a time.”