"Here children are provided with highly imaginative teaching that integrates seamlessly into provision." LA advisor and OFSTED inspector.

"I love my Nursery" - MV Nursery Pupil

"The staff in Nursery are just fantastic - they are welcoming, nurturing and just love being with the children." - MV Parent

"It's a real treat to spend time in the Nursery. I find it amazing how quickly the children learn thanks to the wonderful environment that is created where the children thrive from day one." - MV Senior Leader

"The Nursery is such a vital part of our school. For many it is where they join the MV family and where their school journey starts...and what a brilliant start they receive!" - MV Governor

At Morley Victoria Primary School we are very proud of our Nursery. Whilst learning begins when a child is born through interactions with family and loved ones at home, we are always delighted to be able to join a family at the start of their child's school journey.

Our staff are welcoming, nurturing, highly skilled and will strive to make Nursery a happy, secure environment where the children can thrive. At Morley Victoria we care about the whole child so we ensure that children are emotionally and socially, as well as academically well rounded.

The curriculum in the Nursery follows 'Development Matters' and is progressive through to the end of Reception with all children working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals. Our 'Long Term Plans' are packed full of age appropriate learning that is both child initiated and teacher led. The environment is set out to inspire creativity, curiosity and independence.

The children are encouraged to play both indoors and in the outdoor classroom - the ongoing theme will be evident throughout the Nursery with a wide variety of learning opportunities available to help the children to develop a wide range of skills and acquire plenty of new knowledge that they are encouraged to share at every opportunity. The different areas of provision include mark making, a maths area, construction, small world activities, a creative area and then a space for gross motor development outside with the sand pit, climbing frame and bikes, to name a few. 

The children are split into groups on a daily basis so that the adults can share some activities with the children. This might be to play a game, to demonstrate new skills or activities in the areas of provision, to do phonics lessons or to read a story. All children are encouraged to join in to develop their self-confidence as well as their communication and language skills. 

Reading is 'the be all and end all' at Morley Victoria and stories are shared on a daily basis. There is an inviting book corner that is always very busy with children and we are delighted to say that some of our children are ready to receive a reading book whilst they are still in the Nursery. When staff feel that the children are ready and confident, the children begin with a book where they have to 'tell the story' by using the pictures. Eventually this progresses when the children become more familiar with their phonics, to books that have words. 

The children in Nursery will be taught to have a Growth Mindset and will begin to be immersed in the Investors in Pupils ethos of our school. We pride ourselves in making sure that the children are always ready for the next stage of their educational journey and the Nursery is no exception. Whether a child remains with us or whether they leave us to go to a different school, we are confident that they will have had an excellent start to their journey.

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