'There's so much more to a book than just the reading.'  Maurice Sendak

At Morley Victoria we consider Reading to be ‘The Master Skill’. Reading allows children to acquire an array of new knowledge; to develop new skills from across the wider curriculum and to bring different subjects to life through non-fiction. Reading fiction texts allows children to ‘get lost in a book’ and immerse themselves into the wonderful world of their imagination. Our children also love poetry – this is something that the children enjoy in every year group. We aspire to ensure that all children leave our school reading to the very best of their ability and ready for the challenge of the next stage in their education.

Reading at home

It is an expectation at Morley Victoria that learning is a shared responsibility between home and school, therefore all of our children and families are asked to read at home at least three times a week. The expectation is the same from Foundation to Year 6.

In the Foundation Stage the staff work with our families to demonstrate what ‘good reading’ looks like. They discuss posture, how to hold a book and how to interpret pictures and how children should hold their book. The aim is that good habits, formed early on, will benefit the children as they progress through school.

It is vital that our children not only read but that they are read to. Children love listening to stories, no matter how old they are. Share books, talk about books, join the library…make it a special time to sit and read together. There are many audio books available to share with your child too - this sometimes gives a different slant on reading if someone else or even the author is reading the story. Listening to the change in tone, and different voices, can make it very exciting and appealing. It is also lovely and relaxing way to end the day.

 Reading at school

Reading is a big part of what we do in school on a daily basis – reading is incorporated into everything we do. Sometimes we read individually, in pairs and sometimes in groups. Reading is done as a whole class – our children love to read and they especially love being read to! Reading ambassadors from Year 6 go and read with the children in Nursery – a treat to watch! We read in lessons, in assemblies and at every other given opportunity.

 What else do we do?

We are lucky that our children have access to a range of different books in our libraries and class book corners from Nursery to Year 6.  We also have ‘The Book Club’ saving scheme operating in Foundation Stage to encourage that love of books from the very start. 

In school we also have and celebrate:

  • Free and accessible libraries
  • Reading challenges – in classes, year groups and sometimes for the whole school
  • Reading Ambassadors
  • Mystery Readers! (Please volunteer if you would like to surprise a class with a story.)
  • Extreme Reading?
  • Recommended reading lists for fiction, non-fiction, poetry and magazines
  • Reading assemblies with our special reading chair!
  • MV Book Day
  • The Book Fair
  • Y6 take part in the Leeds Book Awards
  • The Summer Library Challenge

We are always open and looking at ways to further encourage reading – let us know if you have any ideas.