"Words can inspire, choose them well"  Robin Sharma

"Having a team approach to leading English ensures we have the best possible outcomes for all of our young people" MV Staff

"All adults talk about the importance of reading" MV Pupil

We have a team of people who lead on English at Morley Victoria from across all phases of our school. These representatives from Early Years, Key Stage 1, Lower and Upper Key Stage 2 have the knowledge and passion to aid the thought process and so that we can ensure effective teaching, learning and progression in English throughout our school.

We meet on a termly basis to monitor this subject across school and to review our action plans. This helps to ensure consistency in our outcomes. As a team we have written the following documents together to ensure that we all know exactly what is happening throughout school:

*  The English Policy for Early Reading, Whole Class Reading and Writing

*  3Is for English

*  SMSC in English

 Policies on handwriting and spelling can be found in the relevant sections of the website under the English tab.

Long Term Plans for each year group can be found in the blue boxes below and to the left.