Bereavement in ChildreN

At Morley Victoria we believe that bereavement and loss are an inevitable part of living and growing. We provide opportunities within our setting for children to develop their own appropriate range of emotional, spiritual and intellectual responses to manage these experiences.  We believe that the ethos of the school based on openness and mutual support, provides a framework in which these experiences can be realised in a supportive manner.

Bereavement affects everyone in different ways and for different periods of time. Whatever the level of understanding about bereavement, we have a duty to help support anyone when they could be feeling their most vulnerable, in the way that best meets their needs. By adopting a planned and considered approach the school can support the emotional well being of the child, family and staff.

If your family suffer a bereavement then please do come and speak to us - we can help. We have staff in school who are trained in bereavement counselling. We also have outside agencies who we can turn to for additional help and support. The door is open, just ask for a member of the Inclusion Team.


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