"I never really knew or appreciated how much work and effort goes into running a school until I was on the inside and I just want to say, you do an amazing job!" School Governor

"We appreciate you so much - this is not a job it is a vocation." School Governor

The Governing Body of any school is in place to provide both support and challenge the leadership team in the way the school is led and managed and to provide the best possible education to every pupil in the school. Governors do not tend to get involved with the daily running of the school but are a key part of the strategic planning and thinking ahead. Governors are volunteers who give a significant amount of time over the course of the year to helping the school be the best it can possible be. They are part of the biggest volunteer workforce in the country and we thank them for their time and efforts.

Who is part of the Morley Victoria Governing Body?

The current membership of the Governing Body is:

The Headteacher:
 Joanne Wood

The Chair of Governors:

Claire Skeet (Co-opted)

Parent Governors, elected by parents/carers:
Bhavna Patel, Letty Dixon and Ali Archbold 

Staff Governor, elected by the staff:

Kelly Bentley

LEA Governor appointed by Leeds City Council:
1 Vacancy

Co-opted Governors appointed by the Governing Body to represent the community:
 Julie Hardaker (Vice Chair), Else Burton, Reena Sharma and Julia Britton

3 Vacancies

Associate Governors (these Governors do not hold any voting rights - they attend because they wish to be part of the Governing Body)

Debbie Smith, Kevin Precious and Ruth Cook 

How do I contact the Governing Body if I need their help?

If you would like to make contact with the Governing Body at any time, please speak to Mrs Davies in the school office.

How does the Governing Body work?

The Governing Body meets formally four times during the year. Governors also sit on one or more of the Committees: Finance, Pupil Support, Teaching & Learning, Pay, Resources, Performance Management and Personnel. These meet termly. By having a committee structure and allocating governors to particular parts of the school development plan it becomes possible for the Governing Body as a whole to discharge its responsibilities although individual governors are familiar with different aspects of the school, and none, other than the Headteachers, can have a complete understanding. It is thus very much a team effort, with different Governors bringing different skills and experience. All Governors are equal and the decisions made by the Governing Body are our collective responsibility.

At the start of each academic year all governors complete a Governors' Code of Conduct form and a Notice of Business and Personal Interest form.

Every year we have 3 Governor Days in school where the whole Governing Body spend the day in school looking at various aspects of the School Development Plan.  We also have other meetings during the school year when needed about subjects such as safeguarding, data, Ofsted and the curriculum. 

What is the Governing Body responsible for?

(This information is taken from Leeds City Council Governor Support Services)

Primary School Governing Bodies have a range of responsibilities as a consequence of the Education Acts:

* to help to decide school policy for management of the school with the Headteacher and act as a link between the school and the local community
* to monitor the progress of a post Ofsted Action Plan and the School Improvement Plan
* to set appropriate targets for pupil achievement at Key Stage Two
* to ensure that all children make progress in their personal development and wellbeing (Stay Safe, Be Healthy, Enjoy & Achieve, Make a positive contribution, Achieve economic wellbeing)
* to ensure that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based and that the National Curriculum and religious education are taught
* to ensure that special education needs are met
* to manage the school budget
* to determine the staffing of the school and pay policy and make decisions about pay in accordance with the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions of Employment document
* to recruit and dismiss staff employed at the school
* to participate in the appointment of the Headteacher
* to ensure provision of a performance management policy and to set performance objectives for the Headteacher
* to listen to complaints from parents
* to hear appeals from parents when pupils are excluded from school
* to decide the start and finish times of the school
* to make sure the school is safe and healthy

How to become a Governor

When there is a space on our Governing Body, a letter/ email will go out to parents / carers and request for those who are interested to contact school.  You will then be asked to write a short statement about what skills you could offer the school by being part of the Governing Body.  You will then be invited to a meeting to learn more about the role of a school Governor. The statement is then circulated round to the relevant people to read.  If needed, a vote is then carried out and the person with the highest number of votes is elected.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Governing Body at Morley Victoria or need further information about the role of a Governor, please speak to Mrs Davies in the school office.   

The document below sets out the eligibility criteria for being a school Governor. This is a vital document to consider before applying.

Eligibility Declaration

If you would like a copy of meeting minutes from the sub committees or require any other information, please contact the school office or Governor Support Services on 0113 3785123.

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