At Morley Victoria we offer high quality remote learning that is continually developed in line with current research and guidance (Government guidelines and OFSTED requirements).  Through remote learning we offer a rounded, full and progressive curriculum that is planned and resourced with the children of Morley Victoria at the heart of every lesson planned.  We have two remote learning packages, one where a child may be absent from school and the rest of the class are attending school and one where the whole class are learning remotely – please see the flow chart below.  We have a full remote learning package which you can find below.  This is a working document and one which we are constantly developing in line with current thinking and parental feedback.

We recognise that as time goes on remote learning becomes harder so we are working hard to keep it alive for the children, parents and staff.  We have planned activities with the children in mind and are offering activities which require time on and off a screen.  Here are some of things we have done or plan to do over the coming weeks:

For the children:

  • Weekly reading challenges from Senior Leaders
  • Weekly assemblies from Senior Leaders
  • Well being afternoons
  • Catch up Fridays
  • 2 Headteacher Takeover Days
  • Recognise Children's Mental Health Week
  • Recognise Safer Internet Day
  • Holocaust Memorial Day (Y6)
  • The Big Bird Watch
  • Numbers Day
  • Languages Week
  • World Book Day

For the parents/carers:

  • Welfare phone calls
  • Live zoom meetings about remote learning
  • Regular communication and updates
  • A parents guide to online reading
  • Reading presentations
  • Times Tables presentation


Testimonials about Remote Learning

We are always looking for ways to improve our Remote Learning Offer so we sought the views of parents and carers to establish what is going well for their children. We sent out a survey in January 2021 and this is a very small selection of what our families said about our offer, the full list of over 130 positive comments can be found in school:


"I love the recorded sessions with explanations which make it more easy for children to understand when doing their work independently. I love that every piece of work is acknowledged and responded to, I find the comments make the children more keen to do work hard when they get praised for it from their teachers."


"The teachers have really helped with my children to help their anxieties of home learning and respond to any issues we have very quickly."


"Things seem so much more advanced than last year and the way the teachers have more interaction with the children via video is great. Also with the school regularly thinking of other ways they can keep the learning going and the children engaged is great too."


"The staff have been very supportive."


"The whole school communication is excellent." 


"Been absolutely amazed with the support from school and continuous improvement in the remote learning offering. The introduction of Zoom sessions has really helped with engagement and now daily registers are fantastic and help to get the day off to a great start."