We try very hard to ensure we communicate very well with parents and carers about new things happening in school, safeguarding issues and many other things.  We try to give two weeks' notice for most events that happen in school.  Sometimes this does not happen if we are offered an opportunity at the last minute that we don't want our children to miss out on.

Most letters are sent out via e mail (unless permission is needed) and can be found in this section of the website.

Learning Review Letter N TO Y5 March 22.docx

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Comic Relief Letter 2022 .docx

Learning Review Letter Y6 March 22.docx

School Photos 2022.docx

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NSPCC Number Day Letter.docx

Whole School Newsletter - Autumn Term 2021

The Whole Child Approach Newsletter - Autumn Term 2021

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Christmas Card Project 2021.docx

Year 5 Visit To Bruntcliffe Academy.docx

Anti-bullying Odd Socks Day.docx

CCQM update letter to parents 2021.docx

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Christmas concerts 2021.docx

Edibles Letter.docx

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Y6 Stone Age Letter 21.docx

Young Voices Rehearsals Y4 to 6.docx

Year 6 Youth Group 2021

Harvest 2021.docx

Great Fire of London Letter Y2 (002).docx

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R to 6 Learning Review Letter.docx

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 helloyellow letter 2021

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Safeguarding letter Sept 21.docx

Nursery Homework Letter 2021.docx

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YR 1 Homework Letter 2021.docx

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YR 5 Homework Letter 2021.docx

YR 6 Homework Letter 2021.docx

Start and Finish Times for September 2021 (002).docx

Medicines 2021.docx 

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