Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood


Our intent at Morley Victoria, in regard to physical activity, is to enable a school-wide, active culture that creates improved physical and emotional wellbeing for all our children.  We want our pupils to not only leave our school with the knowledge of how to lead physically active and healthy lifestyles, but the desire to want to as well.  Through our investors in pupil’s framework, we already promote and challenge our children to develop the growth mind set and determination required to make a positive contribution to society as great British citizens with the best moral compass. We would love nothing more than to build upon this with an active culture that creates improved physical and emotional wellbeing for all our children and their families. 

Within our timetables, we work hard to allow times throughout the weeks for active breaks and outdoor learning. Our active breaks are short, energetic sessions, that last 20 minutes, that not only build upon the skills taught through our P.E lessons but allow the children to take a break from their learning and to refocus themselves for the following lessons. When the weather permits, our active breaks are undertaken outdoors however we are more than happy to use the space in both our hall and classrooms when the need arises.  We are also working tirelessly to create opportunities for outdoor learning. Our teachers aim to plan weekly sessions outdoors (again weather dependant!) that tie in with our national curriculum objectives.

We are constantly working on improving and bettering our playgrounds to ensure that they remain as active as possible. This has included the introduction of a new traversing wall for our front playground this academic year. Working closely with our school council, we have developed daily, differentiated activities at both break and lunchtimes that the children can engage with. These vary from short, sharp physical activity sessions to our daily lunch time activities and are open to both KS1 and KS2. Last year we successfully ran our first Sports Leaders award where we trained 20 Year 5 pupils to independently run our physical activity sessions on a lunch time.  The success of the programme allowed us to diversify the physical activity options available to the children and it meant that every day they had access to either a pupil, teacher or sports coach led physical activity session. This is something we will be continuing this year and beyond so that every year group, once they reach Year 5, will have the opportunity to lead from the front in promoting our health legacy.