"Establishing solid foundations in reading and writing is crucial in EYFS" MV Staff

"I love story time in my class"  MV Pupil

At Morley Victoria it is very important to us that reading is top priority from the very start of the school journey and that reading is promoted exceptionally well with families from the beginning. Children begin to learn to read on their very first day at school by listening to lots of stories, rhymes and songs; bringing books to life. Adults read to the children very regularly in school and are keen to make sure that all children learn to read themselves as soon as possible.

Staff have high expectations of the sounds and the words that children will learn. The children will learn to read by learning synthetic phonics and through learning high frequency and common exception words.  Our phonics teaching is well structured and is followed consistently by staff in school. Every day the children in Early Years and Year 1 learn new sounds and practise the ones they have already learned. Our staff are very knowledgeable and well trained in early reading and phonics thanks to the excellent curriculum leadership in these areas.

In the Nursery and Reception classes, when staff feel the time is right and the children have acquired enough of the initial sounds in phonics, the children are presented with a book to read. This is often very exciting! The children and their grown ups are shown what to do by the teachers so they can replicate this at home. Staff give the children books to read that have been carefully selected so that they contain the words and sounds they have already learned to read in school - this means that the children get lots of practice and soon become fluent readers as books are well matched to their capabilities - teachers are able to do this with precision.

The children in Foundation and Key Stage One are taught to read individually once a week. Some children may get some additional reading practice should we deem it necessary in order to aid their progress. Our main book scheme in school is 'Bug Club' but we do have a range of resources and reading materials, as we recognise that one scheme will not fit all types of learners.

Each child is assessed regularly using ‘Running Records’ to establish whether a book is at the right level for the child’s ability. The children will also receive sound cards and/or some high frequency or tricky words to learn alongside their book. The teachers will show families how to play games using the cards. ‘Wonderful Words’ are introduced from Nursery to Year 2 to develop and extend the children’s understanding and use of complex vocabulary.


Phonics is a huge and vital part of early reading. Please visit our phonics section of the website for more information, useful videos for families and websites to access with your child.

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