Progress means knowing more and remembering more.

We pride ourselves at Morley Victoria in having a fantastic, exciting curriculum that brings subjects to life and that enthuses and motivates our pupils to reach their potential in all areas.  It is written to give our children breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding.  Our curriculum is written under 8 headings (See ‘Our School’ Section).  Thanks to the introduction of the National Curriculum in September 2014, we had the opportunity to adapt what already worked for us and introduce some exciting topics into our teaching and learning, it has since been revamped keeping what we liked and making changes to make it a modern curriculum fit for the children who attend Morley Victoria.  All of our pupils receive a full curriculum and so much more!  Above all, through delivering our curriculum we want our children to develop academically but also socially and emotionally so that they leave our school with the skills to be good citizens in the wider world. We also want the children to acquire good research skills and to be independent in how they present their work. The curriculum we deliver at Morley Victoria endeavours to fulfil each of these vitally important areas.  If you would like a copy of any year group long term plans please contact the school office.

If you would like to read The National Curriculum for primary schools, or require information about what should be taught in the different subjects then please click on the link below: