"We make Christmas a special time for all stakeholders." MV Staff

Christmas is an important time of year at Morley Victoria - we celebrate it well! Every year group in school, including Nursery, perform to an audience as a year group.  Nursery perform some Christmas songs around the Christmas tree whilst Reception to Year 2 perform a Christmas play.  The children in Key Stage Two perform to an audience at Morley Town Hall which is a really exciting experience.  As well as this we also have a Christmas community coffee morning where we invite all of our helpers in school to come, along with past members of staff and the residents of the local residential homes.  At this event the audience are treated to every year group in school performing on stage starting with reception right up to Year 6.  Whilst listening to the wonderful singing they are served tea, coffee and sweet treats by our wonderful Year 6 children.  Many of our children who play instruments perform at Christmas too – Mr Whiston always puts on a fantastic showcase of the violinists at Morley Victoria.  In total we have 12 Christmas performances over a week and a half!