The PSHE curriculum at Morley Victoria is designed to provide our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding required for them to lead happy and healthy lives and make safe and informed decisions both now and in their futures.  

The vital learning experiences required to allow children access to our PSHE curriculum, starts in EYFS where children’s personal, social and emotional development (PSED), is taught as part of the Development Matters Guidance.  


In EYFS the children: 

  • Learn to manage their emotions, express their feelings and consider the feelings of others.
  • Learn to think about the perspective of others.
  • Can explain the reasons for rules, know right from wrong and try to behave accordingly. 
  • Are supported in developing a positive sense of seeing themselves as a valuable individual.  
  • Set themselves simple goals and show resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge.   
  • Are encouraged to have confidence in their own abilities.   
  • Persist and learn to wait for what they want and direct their attention to a particular task when necessary.   
  • Learn how to look after their bodies and manage their needs independently including personal hygiene and healthy eating.    
  • Build constructive and respectful relationships by learning how to make good friendships, co-operate and resolve conflicts peaceably.    
  • Begin to talk about the different factors that support their overall health and wellbeing including regular physical activity, toothbrushing, sensible amounts of ‘screen time’, having a good sleep routine and being a safe pedestrian.

Our EYFS staff work incredibly hard to ensure that when the PSHE Curriculum begins in Year 1, that the children have a strong foundation to build upon.