Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

Sports Events

We are lucky enough to have ‘PE Partner’ coaches who come in to deliver our PE sessions alongside our class teachers.  This is something the children really enjoy and they have developed a really good relationship with our main coach, Mr Rhodes, who has taught all of the children in our school.

The PE curriculum is planned by ‘PE Partner’ who run a spiral curriculum where the children develop and further their skills within the year and that are built upon over time.  The coaches assess the children three times a year so that we can carefully track the children and provide further support if needed in certain areas of the curriculum. 

Mr Rhodes is very much part of our team – he organises ASPIRE sporting events, takes children to events in school time, runs some of our after school clubs and he even comes on school residentials!  We have been fortunate enough to have him for an extra afternoon this year where he is giving extra time for different groups of children.

We also work with a company called ‘Total Dance’ who come in and deliver dance workshops throughout the year both during the day and after school.  These sessions are always a real success.