We have created ‘Morley Meadow’ in Key Stage Two for children to have some time out when they feel they need it.  It is a calm place where children can go to read books, do mindful colouring and spend time building and cementing friendships.  The meadow is timetabled so that every year group in Key Stage Two has had the opportunity to spend time in there.  Time in the meadow is on a rota so that all children get to visit this special place.  Morley Meadow is also used at break and lunch times.  We are always looking at ways to improve this space and how it is used and it will continue to be developed over the next few months.

When the children were asked by the School Council what they would like to change about the school or what they would like to see in school to make things even better, the children said they would like some fish (see the picture below left). As this was about the only thing they asked for, we bought them some fish. The children wanted them to be in the Meadow to add to the calming nature of that environment.