Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

Pupil Premium

At Morley Victoria we recognise that every child regardless of their background should have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares them for life in Britain today.  Pupil Premium is a Government initiative that targets extra money to pupils from poorer backgrounds in order to “close the gap” between richer and poorer children and those who have parents serving in the armed forces by improving academic performance.  At Morley Victoria our values, ethos and curriculum is planned to powerfully address social disadvantage.

Schools that are awarded the funding by government are given freedom to spend the money as they can best plan and make provisions for their pupils. The impact of the Pupil Premium is primarily measured through Ofsted results, pupil attainment and progress and the emotional and social outcomes for our children.

Morley Victoria is a ‘can do’ school for all where every child matters.  We are an inclusive school who work exceptionally hard to make sure all children achieve their potential through extending knowledge and skills and providing a challenging broad and balanced curriculum.  Our ‘Pupil Premium’ children, along with the rest, are very closely monitored to ensure they are making very good progress each year.  We also make sure that we document any extra provision (which is then linked to finance) they are receiving to help close any gaps they may have in their learning or development.   We adopt a 'plan, do, review cycle' to ensure wave one teaching and interventions are having the required impact on each child’s progress.  All of our Pupil Premium children make progress and achieve well, leaving our school with the skills to cope with their next stage of their education.

If you would like any more information please read the documents below: a report for parents, our Pupil Premium action plan and our Governors' report.

Our Morley Cluster works with some of our pupil premium children and families.  The work they carry out supports all parties and has such positive outcomes.