jane tomlinson appeal

In 2019 we were approached by the Jane Tomlinson Appeal to complete a running challenge to raise money for this great charity.  We decided as a school that we would like to take on this challenge as it is a cause that is close to many peoples’ hearts in our school community and promoting physical activity is one of our priorities.

We had an assembly about the charity and the run which really motivated and engaged both the children and the staff.  Each class was given the challenge of running a marathon between them – there were many gasps upon hearing this news!

On the day the older children ran or walked a route mapped out around the local area and most children completed 2 laps – which was over a mile each to start with.  Throughout the day the children then ran in the school grounds and a total amount of running was calculated for each class.  At the end of the day we collected a school total and worked out how far we had run. 

Unique medals designed by the Jane Tomlinson Charity were given out to children (whilst they were running) who were showing a determined effort, a great growth mindset and to those who were supporting others to achieve.  There were also medals for the boy and girl who ran the furthest in each class and recognition for the class who ran the furthest distance in the whole school.

The results were amazing and totally unexpected.  We raised a large sum of money for the charity and ran the equivalent distance from Leeds to Rome as a whole school – nearly 50 marathons in total!!!  Some children clocked up over 6 miles of running in one day!

The lovely thing about the event was that it raised the profile of the enjoyment of physical activity for both staff and children and it was lovely to see everyone complete the challenge with a smile on their face.  We then used the event to talk about mental health and how physical activity can improve mental health and mood.

The event was so successful that we have now decided it is going to be an annual event and who knows next year we may run further than Leeds to Rome!