Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

Aspire Partnership

For a number of years the Headteachers, governors and staff of Asquith, Churwell, Fountain and Morley Victoria Primary schools have been working closely together. 

Over the past few years we have been formalising our partnership. 

As a result of this work we are very pleased to announce the ‘Aspire Schools Partnership’.  Our partnership is aimed at delivering successful outcomes for children and families and we are determined to work together to achieve this goal. 

In our partnership agreement we have pledged to achieve this goal by;

  • Working together to promote the well-being and raise the achievement of every child in each of our schools.
  • Working together to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is consistently good or better in each of our schools.
  • Working together to improve staff development opportunities which will improve teaching and learning in all of our schools.
  • Providing a range of support services to children and families which improve lives within the local community.
  • Raising aspirations of every child and developing a thirst for lifelong learning.
  • Maximising funding opportunities in order to ensure that each school provides best value for money. 

Each of our schools will keep its individual identity, but we will all benefit from working closely together to share expertise and improve the quality of education and support that is provided within our community.

Our successes last year were our sculpture project and Poetry Competition at Morley Town Hall.  We have even more planned for 2016-17! 

We would like to welcome Blackgates Primary to School to Aspire Partnership.  We look forward to working with them.

Morley Primary Partnership

ASPIRE have teamed up with the Discovery group of primary schools (Seven Hills, Saint Francis, Gildersome, Birchfield and Drighlington Primary Schools) to form Morley Primary Partnership.  We meet every half term to discuss key issues, share resources, training and we are also there to help and support one another.