Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood


This year Morley Victoria is going to introduce a Growth Mindset approach to teaching and learning.  We believe that intelligence is not fixed and that you can make significant improvements from your start point with the right mindset, the right attitude, effort and determination.  We believe that there should not be a glass ceiling on ambition and that we should nurture a child’s aspirations. 

At Morley Victoria we aim to enable our children to rise to challenges, have a positive attitude to being challenged and have many strategies to help them when they are so.  We want them to see the power of making mistakes and believe in the power of ‘yet’, we always say “We can’t do that yet!”

A growth Mindset expert, Vicky Crane, has helped and supported the school - training all of the staff and helping us to shape our approach to Growth Mindset.  A Growth Mindset approach to a pupils’ academic life will help them greatly but this approach to their lives outside school will benefit them too.

Watch this space for more details about MV mindsets as it is launched to our children and parents.